The Baptiste Foundation is a non-profit organization contributing to individuals and communities in need by sharing the powerful tools and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. When the timeless principles of Baptiste Yoga are practiced, we believe that our struggles can be transcended, bringing light to darkness. Baptiste Yoga is practiced by everyone across the world and from all walks of life-from CEOs, professional athletes, people in addictions recovery, Wounded Warriors, veterans with PTSD and more, all with similar results that include inner peace, sparked inspiration in purpose and the creation of new possibilities in every realm of life. The Baptiste Foundation exists to bring yoga and educational programs to empower and inspire communities across the country.

The Baptiste Foundation took over for Yoga Across America to continue the work started by founder Gina Garcia to inspire communities across the country including programs in schools, for veterans, people in addictions recovery and many other locations where people don’t have access to the practice or can’t afford it.


We exist to cause new pathways and opportunities to empower communities through yoga and service.


The Baptiste Foundation discovers new partnerships to share the transformational power of Baptiste yoga for Everyone, Everywhere. We exist to create new and support existing yoga and educational programs on a local and national level that will bring yoga to populations who need it, but might not have access to it.